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My Treatments

With my massage, whether you choose relaxation or intuitive, there is always an aspect of energy work––the transfer of universal energy from my palms to yourself. Sensations of heat, tingling, shaking; expression of emotions (laughing, crying, sighing) are all normal, as is the feeling of 

complete relaxation and peace.


My techniques are slow and rhythmical. I work with the clients' pressure preference from light to firm as well as the body's tissues. All of this increases circulation and tissue health while helping to decrease tension, pain and stiffness.


Each session begins with a short discussion to define your expectations about the type of massage you’ve chosen: have you had massages before, are there any places sensitive to touch, allergies to anything, any recent surgeries, any special needs that haven’t been communicated beforehand. 

The massage ends how you want it to: with a discussion of things experienced during the session or, it may just be a simple thank you as I head off on my way.

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